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Bowling balls and bowling equipment!  Find some nice deals on new styles of bowling balls for a big hook, drive and finish on oily lanes and balls for bowling on dry lane conditions.  Bowling equipment, mens and womens shoes, bags and more at bowling ball stores


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Affordable new and used (pre-owned) bowling balls for every level of skill at bowling ball stores online. Find balls for lanes that have too much oil on them or bowling balls for dry lane conditions. Also some of the newest styles for the up coming season. Plenty of styles of single, double, triple and even bowling ball rollers for 4 balls and six. You can even find a bag or ball roller to match your bowling balls such as hammer, Columbia, roto grip and Brunswick, Ebonite, NCAA bowling balls to name a few.  Get the new roto grip cell bowling ball at discount. Also look for good deals on new and used bowling balls including fury and Fury Pearl ball, all hammer bowling balls, g-force, Brunswick and many other bowling balls. Also a huge selection of viz-a-balls and team bowling shirts for your leagues!  Click here for NFL bowling balls and your favorite NFL team bowling equipment.

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Roto Grip Overseas Release United Pro CG Bowling Balls

Roto Grip Overseas Release United Pro CG Bowling Balls

At Roto Grip, we pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. Being true to our beliefs is important to our continued success. So the new United will continue to utilize the reputable cores and coverstocks which have helped bring Roto Grip to where we are today. One such proven design is the CAM Core which powered the Kingdoms and Republic. It offers a mild asymmetry which is the perfect blend of power and predictability. This weight block shape gives you the confidence you need to attack any lane condition. The high total differential produces more axis migration and total hook, just what you've come to love with the Royal Line. But we all know that while the weight block/core system is crucial to maximizing bowling performance, it's the coverstock which actually touches the lane surface and makes the magic happen. So we chose the highly polished Armor solid reactive cover to help provide continuous traction throughout the entire oil pattern. If you have higher ball speed, the 1500-grit polished finish can be made more aggressive through the use of Abralon.Roto Grip "Pro CG" TechnologyPRO-CG: A Pro-CG is where the CG ends up a certain distance left or right of the Pin and PSA (preferred spin axis). If you draw a line from the PIN to the PSA on average the CG would need to be 2" or more from that line. That distance will vary depending on if the CG was to the right or left. Although still categorized as a first quality ball it has limited drill options (see our Pro-CG Drilling Options) that requires a certain type of layout. Please consult your pro shop professional before purchasing one of these balls. How or why is a Pro-CG manufactured? A pro-cg is created during the manufacturing process. When the pin area is being drilled the core can slightly shift. When the weight block shifts just a small amount (1/16" - 1/32") it pulls the CG off the Y axis towards the Z axis. This is why on some balls you will notice the CG is a far distance away from the Buy and save on your bowling balls, bowling shoes and bags online today!

Price:  $164.99 from Inc.

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Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price Inc. Roto Grip Overseas Release United Pro CG Bowling Balls $164.99 Visit Store
Roto Grip SD-73 Legend Pro CG  - Overseas Release Bowling Balls  

Roto Grip SD-73 Legend Pro CG - Overseas Release Bowling Balls

The Roto-Grip SD-73 Legend Pro CG is an overseas release exclusive to Be the only one in your bowling center to throw this ball.EXTREMELY RARE FIND! THERE ARE VERY FEW OF THESE BALLS IN STOCK...ONCE THEY'RE GONE, THEY'RE GONE!Check out...

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Roto Grip Destiny Pro CG - Overseas Release Bowling Balls  

Roto Grip Destiny Pro CG - Overseas Release Bowling Balls

ROTO-GRIP "Pro CG" TechnologyROTO-GRIP's "PRO CG" technology is taking layouts and ball reaction to the extreme. Once only used on the PBA Tour for condition specific drillings, these balls are now being made available in limited quantities to the general...

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Roto Grip Dynasty Pro Pin - Overseas Release Bowling Balls  

Roto Grip Dynasty Pro Pin - Overseas Release Bowling Balls

The Royal line of equipment from Roto Grip sets the standard higher than any other line in bowling. The Empire was the first of its kind in the industry with the CAM core. Its unique shape and the alternating ellipses allowed for the most continuous motion...

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